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About Us

In July of 2017 we moved a horse, 14 dogs, 2 cats, all of our furniture from Yoncalla OR to Wheatland WY. We are closer to our sons. I do plan to continue showing and competing with the dogs. We will have a litter occasionally.

This summer has been busy unpacking, fencing, building a barn for the horse, etc. We have also planted several new trees. We are looking forward to celebrating our first Christmas in WY.

Wheatland is an hour north of Cheyenne Wy.

Minarets started out in 1968 with a German Shepherd Dog.  We had just gotten married and my husband was stationed at the Minarets Ranger station in the Minarets Mountains in California.   We showed the shepherds in obedience and loved them dearly.  Then I discovered the standard poodle.  We started out with Minarets Charca Negra CD.  When it was time to put her into pattern, I met Janet Blannin at Palmares Kennels.  Janet began by helping me, became a very wonderful friend and mentor, and my traveling companion at shows.  I show the dogs in breed and obedience.  I started showing in rally obedience at the July shows in Portland in 2007.  It is a fun activity for both the dog and the handler.  Visitations and demos are a venue that I really enjoy.  Having puppies has meant that I have met and been able to get to know a lot of dog lovers all over the country.  The dogs live in the house with us.  In the winter the toys use the standards as heated beds.  Our sons also enjoy dogs.  Robert has his favorite poodles when he is home but his true love is the pomeranian. He has a toy poodle and a pomeranian living with him in Wyoming.    Erik has a standard poodle and a collie that was one of his foster dogs from the Austin area rescue.  He has gotten involved in Sheltie rescue in Austin, TX and often has an extra dog sharing his house.  My husband is a retired forester and we have trees!!!  I take the puppies that I keep and any pups that are here after they are 3 months to puppy class.  We are using clicker training and they love it.  Besides the animals, my husband and I worked as EMT-I's with our local ambulance service.  We retired with our move to WY. I am always willing to talk to anyone who is interested in poodles. 

Some memories from our house in Oregon::
We have apple trees that are very old--we can only guess at the variety.  I use them for dried apples, juice and pies.  The dogs pick them and use them for balls.

My husband and I grew up in LA.  How we ended up 30 miles from town........




My new horse Sid. He is a bit older but......
He has a lot of energy and is a joy to ride. We lost Sid on June 27,2011. Far too soon.

Socoya....Coy joined our family at the end of July
She is seven years old and very loving and responsive.

Coy and Sahara
The girls are very attached to each other.

Bay is our new old horse, He is getting used to the rain

A healthy poodle needs people.

Palmares Minarets Oregon Red---Oz lives in Australia

A healthy poodle needs food, water, shelter, a good veterinarian, a good groomer a great deal of training and a tremendous amount of love.

Breanna and Cherisse moved to Canada as pups

Smokey the "barn" cat

Cloud playing with the toy puppies

One of the partridge colored Cochin roosters
The flock lays well and we enjoy the eggs.

Rainbow was one of our hatchlings in 2010.
He is now our flock rooster.

Minarets Amber's Song RN


Red and apricot poodles
       Arabian horses
              well trained dogs
                      having fun with my four footed friends

Minarets Enrico Dorado RE
A sheep herding seminar

Rico at a herding seminar. Herding sheep was fun.
A poodle comes in three sizes and any solid color. 

Minarets Daddy's Girl


Cloud--the housecat  who thinks she is a poodle and who dislikes cats.

Petra and Ghizmo are the kittens that we adopted
this summer for mouse control

The new goat herd. Special blackberry, teasel,
and poison oak eaters. We have three older does and 3 doelings.

The goats have done well.  We went from six to fifteen last year.  This year we have a doe kid with 10 more does waiting to kid.  The pasture is much more open.  The berries, teasel and poison oak don't stand a chance.  The goat population was up to 18 and 7 goats went to a new home.  Then we added a Kiko buck to the herd.  When Gus cuts a tree down for making fence poles, the goats like to take all of the foliage and branches off the tree.  I don't think they realize that they are being helpful. The goat herd went back to 18 animals and we decided to cut back....We now have 6 does.  Some of them are bred so the numbers will go back up but hopefully without a buck we will end up with a small herd. 
The herd stabilized at 5 does and 2 wethers. They are super great at clearing land of weeds and brambles.

My friend and mentor in poodles Janet V. Blannen passed away in February of 2016. Breeding the red color into the standard was one of the goals that she worked to achieve. The poodle world lost a loving, super knowledgeable person who could tell you about most of the dogs in the pedigrees from the 50's and 60's. The Alzheimer's disease that caused her loss took all of that knowledge from us. When you look at red poodles remember her registered kennel name "Palmares". She will always be the person behind Palmares Poodles.

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